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  Chongqing Tianyuan is built in 1939 by the famous patriotic industrialist, China Chlor-Alkali Chemical founder Mr. Wu Yunchu, by moving the Shanghai Tianyuan electrification factory to Chongqing , which now is a part of Chongqing Chemical and Pharmaceutical Holding ( Group ) Company(CCPHC) .

  With the development of urban construction in Chongqing , Chongqing Tianyuan Chemical Plant located in downtown moved out of the center of Chongqing in accordance with the general requirements of Chongqing Municipal People's Government in 2005, and the newly established Chongqing Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. in the way of implementing environmental relocation moved to Bai Tao Chemical Industry Park in Fuling District of Chongqing city. The company officially incorporated on September 29, 2005 , with the registered capital of 76,416.03 yuan, covers an area about 690 acres.

  Our main products are caustic soda ( solution ) , diaphragm caustic soda ( solution ) , caustic soda , liquid chlorine , methylene chloride , chloroform, trichlorosilane , chloroacetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, in which caustic soda , methylene chloride , chloroform, trichlorosilane are Chongqing famous brand products, and hydrochloric acid , sodium hypochlorite, chlorine are Chongqing well-known products. " Tianyuan CQTY" is the famous trademark of Chongqing which is used in above products. 

  The company currently has a 180,000 tons / year of caustic soda , 80,000 tons / year of methane chloride , 25,000 tons / year of trichlorosilane , 5,000 tons / year acid, 60,000 tons / year of liquid chlorine , 210,000 t / in hydrochloric acid, 500,000 tons / year of sodium hypochlorite , brine waste recycling plant and supporting utilities equipment . Construction 15,000 tons / year of tetrachlorethylene environmental protection technical transformation projects and MDI integrated chlor-alkali projects are in progress. The waste brine MVR transformation projects , alkali production by whole bitten, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and other fine chemical products projects are the proposed projects.

  The company takes "building ten billion of Tianyuan , shaping hundred years of Tianyuan " as the vision, firmly grasps the major strategic opportunity of the realization of "hundreds of billions of CCPHC ", fully relies on advantages of Chongqing Baitao and Changshou Chemical Industrial Park , takes " Seizing every minute to grasp the development, making new Tianyuan bigger and stronger " as concept of development, adheres to the" integrated operation, innovating management, people orientation , scientific development " as work policy, lays " three years for basis, six years up on the stage, and for ten years creating a brilliance" as a long-term development strategy, fully implements the "one base and two wings"(chlor-alkali production as base, silicon and fluorine chemical industry as two wings ), accelerates the pace of structural adjustment,and unswervingly follows environment-friendly, resource-saving , security-and chlor-alkali fining industry development road to build the company into the compound chlor-alkali enterprises with the core competitiveness in southwest China.

Address of the enterprise: Baitao Chemical Industrial Park in Fuling District, Chongqing city 
Postal Code:  408017
Telephone number: 02364689508
The name of the legal representative:  Deguo Chen
Enterprise website: